Beam Light Lash Lamp





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🤩 It’s SO easy!

1. dip into the glue

2. place on the natural lash

3. trigger UV light

4. wait 1-2 sec.

5. move straight on to the next lash – no sticking

⚠️ Cures within 1 – 2 seconds – bombproof hold that no classic eyelash glue will ever achieve.

🔥 No residual fumes after the curing process. Retention until the natural lash falls out.

You place the artificial eyelash on the natural eyelash as usual – operate the light with the foot pedal and after max. 2 seconds the eyelash glue with UV light is completely cured 👇

The procedure is safe for you and your customer.

✅ Up to 80% success rate with allergy clients

✅ Water is allowed on the lashes IMMEDIATELY

✅ No more “48h rule”

✅ No more bonder or sealer needed

✅ completely transparent

✅ almost no fumes at all

🔥 Easy removal with normal remover

🔥 Removal of outgrown lashes with tweezers

✅ Humidity is NO longer a factor

✅ Temperature NO longer plays a role

✅ Seasons do NOT matter any more

✅ Cures completely within 1-2 seconds


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